One High Quality Shoe to Satisfy All Your Hiking Adventures

When it comes to adequate footwear for navigating the great outdoors, it is often beneficial to own at least two pairs of shoes to comfortably complete the job. In the past, when temperatures are hot and dry people will want to stick with options that allow their feet the ability to breathe, while moist and cold days will have them reaching for those trusty (if not a little clunky) waterproof boots. Today however, thanks to advancements in outdoor technology there are far more convenient options when it comes to taking care of your feet during those long and oftentimes treacherous hikes.


Waterproof and Breathability Can Go Hand in Hand

The seemingly contradictory terms waterproof and breathable have only recently been uttered while talking about the same shoe. Afterall, how exactly can footwear allow airflow but manage to keep your feet dry from puddles, rain, and shallow creek crossings? While the technology is far from simple the plainest of explanations include recently developed breathability membranes. Companies like Nord Trail for example provide high quality footwear like the Mount Logan Hiking Boots with these exact capabilities. Providing even the most avid hikers long term comfort solutions.

Key Features of Footwear Options like the Nord Trail Mount Logan Hiking Boots:

  • Waterproof Seam-Sealed Boot

  • Breathability

  • Smooth Lining

  • Padded Collar and Tongue

  • Silvadur® Technology to Reduce Odor Causing Bacteria

  • EVA Midsoles to Absorb Shock

  • Mixed Terrain Traction

Your Immediate Comfort Straight Out of the Box

These types of hybrid hiking shoes also have a lot to offer as far as fit, right out of the box. In many cases, it can take quite some time before your chosen footwear begins to feel right. Depending on how often you are able to get to the trail this could prove for some uncomfortable times ahead. Instead of dreading your next trail adventure simply try a new style that is better suited for your overall comfort. Nord Trail makes it easy to try a variety of styles when it comes to footwear as their prices are oftentimes less than half of what you will find from competitors.

You Don't Have to Sacrifice Quality for Comfort

What's more, you will not find yourself sacrificing durability in exchange for your comfort. It is entirely possible to find durable hiking footwear that protects the soles of your feet from bruising even in the most unforgiving terrains. Without the use or need of heavy hiking boots to take care of the job. If you find yourself wondering ‘are waterproof hiking boots breathable?' why not check out Nord Trail to test the theory for yourself? You will find the high quality footwear you need at prices you can easily afford.