Choosing the Right Hiking Boots or Shoes for Your Unique Foot Shape

Your feet are one of the most important aspects of your mobility. Whether you are navigating the layout of your home or hiking mile after mile in the great outdoors your feet play a crucial role in how well you are able to navigate. When it comes to footwear, you certainly want something that offers support and comfort. Particularly if you are one of the many who enjoy those long on foot excursions. Meaning the hiking boots or shoes you ultimately choose are going to play a huge part in not only how you feel once the journey is over, but also how you feel during.


Proper Footwear Makes the Journey More Enjoyable

It's probably safe to say that hiking hasn't become so popular due to people agonizing how badly their feet begin to hurt after the first mile. Instead, they are more likely to relay the excitement and feelings of accomplishment once a long journey has been conquered. Which admittedly is a bit difficult to do if you cannot wait to get home and assess the damage to your pained appendages. For this reason, it is important to make sure that your footwear actually suits the shaped of your feet. This is particularly true for those who possess wide feet as a cramped shoe is only going to lead you on a trail of misery.

Comfort and Affordability from a Single Brand

When it comes to lightweight hiking shoes for wide feet, companies like Nord Trail offer an extensive selection of both comfortable and affordable options. All of which will help you protect your feet from blisters and bruising while also managing to keep them dry. Really all you need to determine is which style is going to be the proper fit for your unique foot shape. Though, with so many different style options the choices can be a bit overwhelming particularly for those who are somewhat of a novice.

Some Factors to Consider Before Choosing the Proper Hiking Footwear:

  • Weight

  • Durability

  • Breathability

  • Environmental Factors

  • Water Resistance

  • The Fit

  • Materials

Certain Factors Can Help Narrow Down Your Options

One of the easiest ways to help narrow down your search is to determine how you will spend the majority of your time in your new shoes. Simply considering the climate and environments you will most likely be navigating can help you decide whether or not a lightweight hiking shoe will do, or if you will need to expand your options to hiking boots as well. Regardless of the style, Nord Trail has the footwear you need to feel comfortable right out of the box, with great traction and proper padding which are always good indicators that you've made the right choice.